In this book, you will learn how Satan uses the power of "What if?" to influence our thoughts and our words, creating worry and fear in our souls.  You will learn how we can take this same strategy that the devil uses against us, and use it for our good.  You will learn how to use the power of "What if?" to declare God's blessings over your life.  Rather than saying to your self, "What if something bad happens?", "What if I lose my job?", or "What if my health doesn't get any better?", learn to say, "What if God blesses me today?", "What if I get that promotion at work?", or, "What if God heals me?"  These are the things we should be focusing on, the positive "What ifs," the encouraging "What ifs?", and the faith-filled "What ifs?" When we resist the temptation to surrender to the enemy and to the negative "What ifs?", we can build up our strength and our faith by declaring godly "What ifs?".  We can open the door to God's favor in our lives and close the door to worry, anxiety, and fear.  

Autographed copy of What if? How to Overcome Worry, Fear, and Anxiety

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