The Promise

This begins as a story about love and romance. But when the relationship between John and Tiffany ends, chaos begins to emerge.  Caught in the middle is their son.  This child is ruthlessly kidnapped from his father, and would then endure years of abuse. This child's father would be forced to endure years of stalking, harassment, threats, false accusations, and even an attempt on his life. He would endure all of this, all for the love of his son.    

In this book, which is based on a dramatic true story, a father must face countless challenges when his son's mother, who has Borderline Personality Disorder, stops at nothing in her attempt to dismantle his life. Little does she know, that God has promised this young father that He would someday bring his son back home to him. Come with us as we take you through this man's journey of faith. Feel the love that he has for his son as he risks his life and his freedom in order to be with him. And let us take you all the way to the end of this journey, where God's promise is fulfilled, and forgiveness reigns.

 What if? 

Religious novel written by John Stone, teaching about the principles of biblical faith. In this book we discuss how we can use the "What if? thought process to fill our lives with hope, faith, and peace, rather than with worry, fear, and anxiety.  

High School Journal

romance novel written by John Stone. 

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