Has your world been turned upside down by a loved one's behavior? Do you wonder how you will survive the pain of this season? Is God ignoring your pain?

  With wisdom drawn from her experience with a prodigal child, Judy R. Slegh offers compassion and hope to those wearied by the turmoil of loving someone who has turned away from the faith and value systems of his or her upbringing. Designed as an emotional healing resource, this devotional guide combines interactive prayer with thoughtful guidance to help readers

  • identify components of emotional wounds,

  • release pain,

  • set boundaries,

  • learn to hear God's voice,

  • recognize spiritual forces at work,

  • deal with demonic influences,

  • develop God-directed declarations for specific situational prayer

 Stressing the need for self-reflection and forgiveness, this resource illuminates how partnering with God through prayer is the key to recovering from the pain inflicted by a beloved prodigal. Experience compassion, hope, and healing through devotional readings, thoughtful questions, and prayers designed to help you identify and unpack your emotional baggage, freeing you to welcome your prodigal home.